John Brown Asia was established with an aim to provide world-class services not limited to Commissioning but also trouble-shooting and emergency services & spares required for power plants and comprises of Lead Engineers from GE, Thomassen and John Brown itself.
Our area of expertise has expanded over the years to Refurbishment, Fabrication of skids, Retrofit control system and supply of spares for Heavy duty industrial gas turbines and aeroderivatives.

Some of our Prestigious Projects and Services:

  • GE: Erected,Commissioned and handed-over more than 4000 MW on various platforms following strict international protocols and safety standards.
    Over the last 10 years:
    20 Frame 9 including DLN, 10 Frame 6, 4 Frame 5-TwoShaft, 2 Frame 5

  • Synergen Australia :Relocation, erection, commissioning and start-up of Frame 5 unit.
  • Australian Gas Light Company(AGL):Projects in Melbourne and Adelaide(4 Frame 6 GTs)
  • Volta River Authority Takoradi, GHANA:Commissioned ,resolved warranty issues and provided emergency services for 2 GE Frame 9 machines .
  • Middle-East Electricity (MEW)Fujairah: Onsite Balancing issues, Vibration trouble-shooting and start-up for 2 Frame 5 units
  • Rural Power Company(RPC)Bangladesh: Commissioning and Warranty of 4 Frame 6 DLN GTs
  • Lunen Power Plant Germany: Due Diligence and inspection services for one Frame 5 and steam turbine combined cycle plant.
  • INDIA National Fertilizer Ltd(NFL) Vijaipur, IFFCO(Phulpur and Bareilly), Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd.(NFCL)Kakinada, TATA Chemicals Babrala: Erection, Commissioning ,Hand-over and spares issues of Thomassen International bv for 3 Frame 5 Mechanical drive, 2 Frame 5 with generator (All units with HRU/HRSG)

Installation Commissioning Service overhaul & supply of spare parts for:GE, ABB, Alstom,, Siemens, Novo Pignonne, Thomassen, John Brown,, AEG Kanis, Hitachi, Solar,, Rustons, Gas Turbines
Design, build, install and commission gas turbines controls, steam turbine controls, electrical distribution equipment:Gas turbine TMR controller, steam turbine controller, generator controller, modular switchgear control
Installation Commissioning Service overhaul and supply of spare parts for large diesel and gas engines:Rolls Royce (Bergen & Crossley Pielstick) B&W, Rustons, Mirrless Blackstone GEC Alstom, Sulzer, Man — Alstom MAK 551 V12 Four Stroke | Ruston RK20 Diesel | Engine Test Cell
Installation Commissioning Service overhaul & supply of spare parts for:Steam turbines & boilers
Installation Commissioning Service overhaul & supply of spare parts for:AEG Kanis, Alstom,, Brush, Peebles Large Generators & Transformers
Specialist Training for: Gas turbines, steam turbines, compressors & pumps, diesel and gas engines electrical maintenance, electrical protection and power system control. ON-SITE COURSES AT CLIENTS FACILITY