Turbine Control Systems

JBA control systems offer cost-effective and comprehensive turbine management and operation options designed to control various aspects of a power plant. JBA offers customized solutions in control systems

  • TURBOCON 3000 series. – Triple Modular Redundancy systems

The TURBOCON 3000 series consists of state-of-the art controllers that provides fault tolerance by means of Triple-Modular Redundant (TMR) architecture for turbine and auxiliary equipment management, Offering the enhanced safety and control in the TURBOCON line-up.

  • TURBOCON 2000 series – Dual Redundancy systems

The TURBOCON 2000 series offers the option of Dual redundant controllers, thereby increasing safety and reducing turbine downtime in case of controller failure.

  • TURBOCON 1000 series – Simplex systems

The TURBOCON 1000 series consists of the Simplex controllers with Safety and control logic in combined block, structured text and ladder logic, offering a cost-effective upgrade from older generation controllers without need of major equipment multiplication and modification.





  • Gas Turbine Protection
  • HOT-SWAP for controller & I/O cards
  • FSR Control Auto and Manual
  • Events & Historical Trends
  • AutoSynchronization
  • Start-up Sequencing
  • Speed Level monitoring and Flame Detection
  • Redundancy for important I/O

We also offer services of Specialists for commissioning, inspection and troubleshooting of GE Turbine Controllers( MK V, MK VI and the older MK II and MK IV Speedtronic systems)