EPC & Turnkey Contracting

JBA offers a complete solution from start to end for the client’s power generation needs,

Engineering Procurement and Construction.

Engineering Activities

a) Conceptual Design

  • Proposed CCP Layout and Project Development.

b) Detailed Design

  • Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, HRSG Boiler and Condenser.
  • Generator Control & Protection
  • HV & MV Switchgear, Electrical Distribution & Transformers
  • Electrical Systems Protection
  • Generator AVR Control & Synchronising

c) Integrated Design

  • Electrical & Control Panels & Systems Design
  • GT,ST, HRSG, Condenser, Exhaust Ducting, Design
  • HV & MV Switchgear Design.
  • BOP (Fire Fighting ,Fuel Supply & Storage etc.)
  • Electrical Protection for GT & ST Generators and Transformers.

d) Engineering Calculations

e) Formulation of Specifications for the various components and systems

f) Contacting Suppliers & O.E.M manufacturers for discussions on supply and technical support services.

g) Compiling of Detailed Technical Information for review, collation and CCP systems development.

h) Preparing and Designing Test Procedures for verifying control and stability of integrated CCP.

i) Undertaking & Analysing Environmental Impact Studies.


Procurement Activities.

j) Issuing enquiries, contacting & Visiting Suppliers & O.E.M Manufacturers.

k) Developing Financial Models for Cost Benefit Delivery Analysis

l) Arranging & Attending Technical & Commercial clarification Meetings.

m) Collating & Comparing Supplies Costs, Deliveries Timescales

n) Issuing Purchase Orders to external parties

o) Reviewing & Updating Planning & Logistics Models

p) Securing Delivery and arranging Transportation

Construction Activities

q) Arranging for Soil Information, Investigation & Analysis

r) Preparing & Issuing Civil Drawings after approval received (if required)

s) Supervising and conducting required tests on Civil Activities

t) Initial briefing of concerned mechanical, electrical and instrumentation erection personnel, clarifying all requirements and regulations

u) Supervising, directing and conducting routine tests on Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation works

v) Strict control and guidance on Commissioning work and system checks

w) Synchronisation along with client

x) Preparation for conducting trial runs, performance tests and handing over inspection reports and pursuance of PAC from client
y) Issuance of final red-marked as-built drawings and manuals

z) Appointment of guarantee period supervisor/advisor as per contract and final acceptance